General Rules

  • Treat each other with respect. Insulting, antagonizing, harassing or otherwise doing anything that could be considered 'rude' is not allowed.
  • Any use of derogatory language or slurs of any kind is not allowed. Not even if you are apart of the targeted group. Derogatory language has no place in our server. Profanity is allowed.
  • Discussion of politics or religion is forbidden. You are allowed to have passing comments about your political party or beliefs granted that it doesn't break the first two rules, but serious discussion or criticism of either topic leads to arguments that are prone to breaking the first two rules.
  • Spamming or pinging in an attempt to disrupt others is not allowed. This includes textual, visual and auditory spam.

In-game Rules

  • Griefing or otherwise disrupting another in an attempt to upset them or seek a reaction is forbidden and will lead to an instant ban. This includes destroying other's buildings through use of TNT, fire, lava, or water, stealing items and crops, placing blocks in inconvenient or disruptive locations, or killing player-owned animals.
  • Engaging in combat is not allowed unless both parties agree beforehand.
  • The use of resource packs, mods, or hacked clients that seek to gain an unfair advantage to other players is not allowed and will lead to an instant ban. This includes glitch exploits such as duping or Xray, but does not include ore highlighter.
  • Creating large redstone devices or breeding a large amount of animals in an attempt to cause lag to the server is not allowed and will be considered griefing.

Appealing a Ban

You may appeal a ban by posting on the forums