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Welcome to the Staff Applications section. This is the place to apply for a position as a staff member in our server. Keep in mind that in order to be considered for the role of staff member, you must be active on the server for at least a week and have not recieved any (or currently have any ongoing) punishments within a month.

First and foremost, we have a Google Forms link that we prefer users to apply with:

However, in the event that you cannot or do not wish to use the provided forms link, you can optionally use this template and create a post in this Forums section instead:

How long have you been in the server?:

How old are you?:

What other experience of a mod do you have? [If any]:

What improvements, if any, would you bring to the server if you could?:

How active are you?:

Which rank are you appyling for (builder or helper)?:

What is your Discord ID? [Example#0000]:

What is your Minecraft username?:


Please note that all applicants (if accepted) will start out as Helpers, before climbing the ranks from there as we believe this will give us sufficient time to evaluate whether someone is appropriate for the role of Moderator or Administrator. Also note that any posts that do not use the template above will be removed. Have a good day!

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